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Mike and Judy Family Engagement Session

Today I am overjoyed to present Mike and Judy’s family engagement session. Mike and Judy are unbelievably in love, have an AMAZING energy together, and have a BEAUTIFUL family! Judy’s crew is on the left and Mike’s crew is on the right. BUT…. Together… Together is a wonderful blended family. This group has such a … Continue reading

Dreams from a Wedding Photographer

SOAR has given many amazing assignments. Most of which I keep on my laptop for my own personal scrutiny, but today I wanted to post this months assignment on the blog. We were told to write out our dreams. I started with a list, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt … Continue reading

Congrats to Dan and Casey

The last Saturday of July can be a warm time of year. This year, the love between two beautiful people made it even warmer. Over the course of the day, you could feel the love and friendship guests shared. Dan and Casey had an incredible wedding! I am humbled and honored to be allowed to … Continue reading

Me Ra Koh Workshop Day 2 Part 1

The second day of the workshop was devoted to Metering, Marketing and Lightroom. What a very informative day!!! For pictures of us acting out the process of creating a catalog in lightroom check out my photos in Facebook. The second part of the day we were set into groups again and a family shoot … Continue reading

NJ Workshop Day 1 Part 2

What do you do when you get a BEAUTIFUL group of women together who have never met, but all seem to be kindred spirits? Go to dinner. An evening of laughter, drinks, dancing, and good times were on the playbill. Ok, so that is WHO was there… now what did I say was also there? … Continue reading

NJ Workshop Day 1 part 1

The first day of the workshop revolved around ISO, shutter speeds, and aperture. This part of the day was very useful to me. Another attendee there stated what I was thinking. It was not that I needed to learn what was being taught, but more of an affirmation that I really did know what was … Continue reading

Preparation for a Workshop

It has been just over a week since my WONDERFUL workshop with Me Ra Koh and 22 other amazing women. (oh yeah, Brian too) The weekend changed me, but it all started with preparation. One of the assignments that was assigned prior to arriving at the workshop was to take photos for 20 min. I … Continue reading

Cameraless Zoo Trip

Today I took my son to the zoo, as I have many times before. I realized, as this was our first trip this season, that today was going to be the first day that he would really understand that there are animals in front of  him. It was also going to be the first day … Continue reading

Bill, Ashley and Liam’s Family Photography

When given a chance to make new friends, I JUMP on it. When given a chance to make new clients I JUMP on it. When given a chance to make new clients and friends, I FLY for it! Last week I met Bill, Ashley and their little Liam. I get to call him “little” because … Continue reading

Lines, Lines and More Lines

The last post I talked about the elements of art. These are : Elements of art. Line Shape Value Texture Color Currently we are working with Line. We also talked about the characteristic of line. Here is a simplified list of those characteristics: Physical – Length and width Type – Straight, curved, or zig zaged … Continue reading