Mike and Judy Family Engagement Session

CBarker Photography

Today I am overjoyed to present Mike and Judy’s family engagement session.

Mike and Judy are unbelievably in love, have an AMAZING energy together, and have a BEAUTIFUL family!

Judy’s crew is on the left and Mike’s crew is on the right. BUT….

CBarker Photography


CBarker Photography

Together is a wonderful blended family. This group has such a fun dynamic too. They all have a great scene of humor, love to laugh, and make it obvious that their family is very important to them. They also make it obvious that love is what brings them all together. Speaking of love, who are the bride and groom? (Like I had to ask?? hee hee)

CBarker Photography

WOW you guys!!!

Oh, and by the way Mike… I saw the picture of the dress… WOWZA!!!  You hit the jackpot!!

I can’t wait for the big day guys. It’s going to be amazingly beautiful, and OH so much fun with a family as great as yours!


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